Training and Certification

For a dancer, ongoing study and research of her Genre is of the utmost importance.

The IODF is an internationally acclaimed dance festival, held in Cape Town, on an annual basis.

Teachers and performers from all over the world come to South Africa, and not only entertain, but pass on their knowledge.


Taryn-Lee Maroccan Dance - IODF 2013 Patti - Shimmy - IODF 2013 Taryn-Lee - Shimmy - IODF 2013 Patti - Maroccan Dance - IODF 2013





6th IODF Workshop Certificate

Akasha Raqs is a dance studio based in South Africa. Akasha has almost 40 years dance experience, of which roughly two decades were as a professional dancer in various genres. Her expertise is underlined by various international tours, both as student, and teacher. Akasha specializes in Egyptian, or Arab Dance.

2013 Master Class - Akasha Raqs Taryn Lee - class and private sessions 2013 Certificate - Patti - November 2013 2013 Certificate - Taryn Lee Master Veil 2013 Women of Dance Seminar - Akasha Raqs

Artemis – a professional performer from Germany, and a well-respected international star.



2011 Belly Africaine – Shebah Makeda (SA)

certificate 3 certificate 2










2010 Aphrodite School of Belly Dance – Stephanie Singh (SA)

certificate 1