Heavenly Shimmies Fan page – Inspirational words from Fans and Students

My first interaction with Layla was four years ago at Barans Restaurant In the City Bowl. At the time, Belly dancing was foreign to me and my guests. We were in total awe of the absolute professionalism and preparation the ladies displayed when they performed.

She randomly picked guests from the audience and we found ourselves swaying to her dance moves. It was extremely strenuous but fun and we really enjoyed our five minutes of fame. Since that day, we have kept in contact and I managed to arrange a few corporate events for her to showcase her talents. Layla has also performed at my 40th birthday in September where she was the star of the show. She currently heads the Heavenly Shimmies Dance School in Strandfontein where her group has really grown and served the people of her area.

Layla has also taken part in the World Belly Dance Day and International Oriental Dance Festival in Cape Town and even at the U-19’s Rugby Tournament in Serenbam, Malaysia and has had rave reviews locally and abroad.Her stellar performances have seen her travel quite extensively. She has found the perfect balance for her love of dancing and family life. She leads a healthy lifestyle and with a supporting husband, the sky is the limit.

Belly dancing has been fairly non-existent and unheard of in the Cape Town area until recently. There are a few schools around and with their holistic approach to health, dance and social upliftment, they have galvanised the small minority who have embraced this fine skill. It really is an art and with the dedication and commitment shown by the likes of Layla and her team, a new dawn is sure to set in Cape Town.

Long may she enjoy success and may her endeavors be forever richly blessed.


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“If you love dancing and socializing, and are in need of some healthy exercise, then Heavenly Shimmies Dance School is the ideal learning environment for you. They provide fun-filled dance classes for all ages, shapes and fitness levels. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of Heavenly Shimmies Dance School”
– Leizel, Strandfontein


Since joining Heavenly Shimmies Dance School, I have quickly gained my self-confidence back and within a month of joining Patty (Layla), the principal member , assured me that I was ready to showcase in one of her many corporate functions… well, I guess the rest is history… Patty with her hands-on training has made my journey as a belly dancer fun, easy and comfortable. She and co-principal member Taryn (Tabia) are not just good teachers, but they make good friends too, and are ready to assist in making it easy for their students in gaining full potential in their development as dancers.
The principal members – did I mention that that they are sisters – are very professional in their approach as well as passionate, and it shows in each and every dance class. They have proven that belly dance is not restricted to race, age or body structure… yes, you don’t have to be skinny to be a belly dancer…*phew*.
I am proud to say that I’m now an active student of HSDS for one full year and have already danced with Taryn and Patty in Malaysia and I am looking forward to many more dance experiences both locally and internationally.
-Waseelah, Strandfontein


Having joined Heavenly Shimmies dance school was the best decision I have made. We come together every week in rain or sunshine. I’m so motivated by them, especially the teachers. We are all one big happy family with lots of love, laughter and fun while enjoying our dancing.
– Blanche, Eerste River


When I joined the group I was very shy and scared to dance at first.
That changed when I experienced the warm friendliness and patience
from our wonderful teacher and I started to enjoy each class and could
not wait for the next lesson.
When I am at class I am given a chance to express myself through dance
and also feel beautiful at the same time with the different kinds of
movements we do with our bodies.
I enjoy it a lot as its something unusual and its different and when
given a opportunity to perform for people we are given a chance to
give people a wonderful experience by seeing the beauty in belly dance.

I enjoy the atmosphere when I am at a class and that we can have fun
and step out of our daily lives for that one hour … in other words
we can just let go and enjoy the dancing

Belly dance is slowly becoming part of my personality and I look
forward to experiencing so much more with Heavenly Shimmies Dance School thanks to Layla.
– Kaylee, Eerste River


Since I have joined the Heavenly Shimmies Belly Dance School, I have become more confident. I am passionate about my dancing and I find fulfillment in it. I look forward to each class and getting to perform and show what we have learned is an amazing experience. I am truly glad I found our teacher Layla and our dance school. I cannot even begin to imagine not being part of the Heavenly Shimmies!!!!!!
-Fara, Strandfontein / Eerste River