Dance CV and Training

Dance studies before Oriental Dance include:fire dancer
Modern Dance
Latin American


Oriental Training / Seminars / Workshops / Festivals:
2013 Seminar – Artemis Dewald-Eberhardt (Stuttgart, Germany)
2013 Seminar: Woman of Dance – Akasha (SA)
2013 Masterclass – Akasha (SA)
2012 Private study – Akasha (SA)
2011 IODF Workshops with various International Master Teachers (SA)

Sema Yildiz (Turkey) –
Latifa Saadi (Reunion Island) –
Nicole McLaren (Switzerland) –
Yesmin Llebelli (Argentina)
Magdy (Egypt) –
Danisa De Paul (Argentina) –
Mirimah Gaziyah (France)
Abir (Egypt)

2011 Belly Africaine – Shebah Makeda (SA)
2010 Aphrodite School of Belly Dance – Stephanie Singh (SA)


Teacher Testimonial – Akasha ( )classtime

I am Ava Van Aarde (Akasha), a Professional Egyptian Oriental dance artist, and Master teacher in Arab Dance. I have been an entertainer for over 2 decades both in South Africa as well as abroad.
I have known Patricia Layla Swartz-Goliath since February 2011, when she started attending private Mentoring sessions with me in Arab Dance ( Oriental dance / ‘Belly Dance’ ). Her studio, Heavenly Shimmies Dance School, opened its doors in November of that same year. Patricia has continuously applied herself in the study of this
dance genre, attending not only Private sessions and Seminars with myself, but also with various other Internationally renowned Dance Masters in not only Egyptian Oriental, also Turkish Oriental.

Prior to Oriental dance, Patricia was trained in other dance genres since 1989. Modern Dancing, Spanish,
Contemporary, and Ballroom and Latin dancing form part of her repertoire, and between 2001 – 2005, she taught
Ballroom and Latin dancing professionally for Dance Domain.

Patricia’s Oriental dance training started in 2006 with Anna Witter (Shebah Makeda)  from Belly Africaine, , where she completed Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced courses. In April 2009 she
trained with Stephanie Singh (Aphrodite Dance School), and started performing professionally under Stephanie’s
direction from October 2009, and teaching for the studio from March 2010.

In June 2013, Patricia was part of the South African and Asian Cultural Dance Exchange Program in Malaysia, and
danced at the Under 19’s Rugby Sevens.

As part of her work in the SAPS, she is a physical fitness and weapon fitness trainer for the last three years, and will
be completing her First Aid Level 1 – 3 on the 8th of August 2013.

I have watched Patricia as she guides her students, teaching them with patience and respect, always encouraging. There is laughter in the Heavenly Shimmies classes, and students are drawn to the two friendly sisters, Layla and Tabia, eager to be part of a phenomenal group of women. I am positive that Patricia will go far with her professional career as performer and facilitator, and I watch her
career with keen interest.cleaned up

Most Sincerely,
Akasha (Ava Van Aarde) 30 July 2013