About Us

About us:Ladies
Heavenly Dance School is a Dance School that offers Belly dancing classes, Latin workouts and Back Strengthening classes.

The heart of Heavenly Shimmies Dance School is the love of the community, the souls and well-being of women and touching the lives of all the people they meet along the way.

The teachers of Heavenly Shimmies bring a vast wealth of dance experience. They have been dancing since 1989 in various forms of belly dancing and started belly dancing in 2006.

Through dance we aim to bring love, healing , confidence, joy and an appreciation of the self.
Every lady we meet, every lady who joins our classes comes with a history and a story to tell. All have their own joys and their own struggles.

Why Heavenly Shimmies: At Heavenly Shimmies Dance School we take our women on a journey of self-discovery, we help women do creative exploration and to shake off the shackles of self-restriction and to challenge personal comfort zones.