A tale of two sisters – The Journey of Dance, A Journey of Dreams

It all started in 1989 for the two sisters, Layla and Tabia. As little girls running around in dance clothes and dance shoes, a journey of love, dreams and passion began. Layla

Layla and Tabia were schooled in Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz, Spanish, Contemporary and Ballroom and Latin dancing.

Taking to the stage became a part of the natural progression of the dance journey. Shows, dance workshops, summer school programs, choreographies, costumes and make-up became an intricate part of their upbringing and their dedication to the arts. Full-time dancing was always a dream for both.

Through the years, dancing brought about lots of joy, laughter, discipline, hours of dedicated training, a means of expression, great friendships, tireless and relentless work, truth, a way to face fears, courage, positivity and that special sparkle.

From 2001-2005 Layla taught Ballroom and Latin dancing professionally. Teaching brought about great rewards.

In 2006, Layla and Tabia looked at alternatives to expand their dance repertoire.

Browsing through the Yellow Pages, they came across a Belly Dance Studio, attended the classes and as they say… the rest is history!

The sisters fell totally in love with Belly Dancing and have never looked back. Belly dancing brought about an intensified joy, a desire to know and study more and an art that they intend to practice for a long time.

TabiaLayla and Tabia danced under 2 renowned teachers in Cape Town before starting their own shool.

Heavenly Shimmies Dance School officially opened in November 2011, and runs classes in Strandfontein, Eerste River and Athlone.

Through dance we aim to bring about confidence in women, appreciation of themselves and their bodies, regardless of body type, lifestyle, work they do or any other factors. We aim to bring a new lease on life, positive energy, and above all, happiness. Dancing is a skill, and an expression of joy, that is meant to be shared with other people. Our dance school reaches out to all women to make the Oriental experience of joy and creativity available to all.